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Korean Studies

KORS 101 Applied Linguistics
KORS 102 Second Lang. Acquisition
KORS 103 Lang. Teaching Math.
KORS 104 Testing & Evaluation
KORS 105 Curriculum Design
KORS 106 The Structure of English
KORS 107 Bilingualism
KORS 201 Translation Theory & Practice
KORS 202 Functional Grammar
KORS 203 Language & Mind
KORS 204 Func. Discourse Analysis
KORS 205 Language Aquisition
KORS 206 Adult Lang. Learning & Teaching
KORS 207 Language for Spec. Pur.
KORS 301 Cross-cultural Pragmatics
KORS 302 Analysing Spoken Discourse
KORS 303 Teaching Spoken English
KORS 304 Korea's Place in East Asia
KORS 305 Workshop in Teaching Korean
KORS 306 Korean Language
KORS 307 Korean Teaching

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