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Quality Management

QAMG 101 Quality Management Skills
QAMG 102 Quality Mgmt. Knowledge
QAMG 103 Elevating Personal Awareness
QAMG 104 Project Quality Environment
QAMG 105 Stakeholder Quality Needs
QAMG 106 Eliciting & Specifying Q. Req.
QAMG 107 Analyzing Stakeholder Q. Req.
QAMG 108 Validating Stakeholder Q. Req.
QAMG 109 Finalizing Stakeholder Expectations
QAMG 110 Id. Overall Project Scope
QAMG 111 Capturing Initial Prj. Obj. & Del.
QAMG 112 Categorizing Stk. Expectations, Needs & Wants
QAMG 113 Dev. Project Scope Statement
QAMG 114 Consolidating project Q. Req.
QAMG 115 Balancing the Project
QAMG 116 Product & Process Q. Req.
QAMG 117 Refining the Project Scope Stm.
QAMG 118 Dev. Project Quality Mgmt. Plan
QAMG 119 Reviewing Standards & Best Practices
QAMG 121 Intro. to PRINCE2
QAMG 122 Intro. to ISO
QAMG 201 Intro. to CMMI
QAMG 202 Project, Product & Pro. Q. Constraints
QAMG 203 Reconciling Project, Product & Pro. QR.
QAMG 204 Detailing Project Q.
QAMG 205 Components of an Effective QMP
QAMG 206 Stk. Q. Expectations & Requirements
QAMG 207 Acceptance Criteria
QAMG 208 Relevant Standards
QAMG 209 Quality Responsibilities
QAMG 210 Quality Assurance
QAMG 211 Quality Control
QAMG 212 Supporting Quality Tools & Tech.
QAMG 213 Establishing QA Strategies
QAMG 214 Matching QA Tech. to PLC
QAMG 215 Spec. Mandatory & Optional QA Gates
QAMG 216 Observations, Deviations & Nonconformance
QAMG 217 Incorporating QA Tasks into the QMP
QAMG 218 Generating QA Task List
QAMG 219 Estimating the Req. Effort & Res.
QAMG 220 Enhancing the QMP
QAMG 221 Implementing Quality Assurance
QAMG 222 Reviewing the QA Reports
QAMG 301 Root Cause Analysis
QAMG 302 Ishikawa/Fishbone Diagram
QAMG 303 Planning Corrective Actions
QAMG 304 Leveraging Feedback to Improve Pro.
QAMG 305 Developing Corrective Actions
QAMG 306 Estimating Time & Resources
QAMG 307 Inco. Changes into the PP
QAMG 308 Invoking Corrective Procedures
QAMG 309 Change Requests
QAMG 310 Updating the Org. Processes
QAMG 311 Continuous Quality Improvement
QAMG 312 Designing Project QC Gates
QAMG 313 Specifying QC Gates
QAMG 314 Intro. to Inputs
QAMG 315 Intro. to Participants
QAMG 316 Tools and Techniques
QAMG 317 Integrating QC Gates into the QMP
QAMG 318 Roles & Responsibilities
QAMG 319 Selecting QC Tools & Techniques
QAMG 320 Differentiating Common T & T
QAMG 321 Cause & Effect Diagram
QAMG 322 Intro. to Checksheet
QAMG 401 Shewhart's Control Chart
QAMG 402 Intro. to Histogram
QAMG 403 Pareto Chart
QAMG 404 Scatter Diagram
QAMG 405 Weighing the Adv. & Disad.
QAMG 406 Defining Selection Cri. & Guidelines
QAMG 407 Intro. to Benefits
QAMG 408 Intro. to Reasons
QAMG 409 Intro. to Usage
QAMG 410 Intro. to Limitations
QAMG 411 Assigning T & T to QC Gates
QAMG 412 Finalizing the QMP
QAMG 413 Reviewing the Complete QMP
QAMG 414 Integrating Skills
QAMG 415 Project Risk Management
QAMG 416 Managing Complex Projects
QAMG 417 Software Quality Assurance
QAMG 418 SW Testing & Inspection Mth.
QAMG 419 Project Scheduling
QAMG 420 Project Budgeting
QAMG 421 Project Team Leadership
QAMG 422 Developing User Requirements

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