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Urban & Regional Planning

URPL 101 Regulatory Frameworks
URPL 102 Environmental Mgmt. & Planning
URPL 103 Resource Management
URPL 104 Environmental Planning
URPL 105 Urban Research
URPL 106 Evaluation Techniques
URPL 107 Transport & Infr. Planning
URPL 108 The Urban Challenge
URPL 109 Sustainable Communities
URPL 201 Designing Places buying replacement diplomas
URPL 202 Urban Planning Policy
URPL 203 Strategic Metro. Planning
URPL 204 Pri. of Sustainable Dev.
URPL 205 Sus. Dev. Theory & Practice
URPL 206 Int. Regulatory Fr. for Env. Mgmt. & Pl.
URPL 207 Applied Demography
URPL 208 Geographical Information Systems
URPL 209 GIS for Planning & Mgmt.
URPL 301 Dev. Pl. in Dev. Countries.
URPL 302 Urban Mgmt. & Governance in DC
URPL 303 Urban Land & Housing in DC
URPL 304 Assessment of Dev. Projects
URPL 305 Str. Planning & Mgmt. in DC
URPL 306 Property Investment
URPL 307 Property Development
URPL 308 Property Management
URPL 309 Building Cons. Mgmt. & Economics

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