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Chemical Engineering

CHEN 101 Intro. Chemical Eng.
CHEN 102 Chemical Eng. Design
CHEN 103 Math. for Engineers
CHEN 104 Analytical Chemistry
CHEN 105 Quant. Chemical Anal.
CHEN 106 Physical Chemistry
CHEN 107 Lab. Procedures
CHEN 108 Heat Transfer online university degrees
CHEN 109 Thermodynamics & Kinetics
CHEN 110 Chemical Process Modeling
CHEN 111 Differential Equations
CHEN 112 Chemical reactor
CHEN 113 Fluid dynamics
CHEN 114 Polymer Science
CHEN 115 Transport Processes
CHEN 116 Separation Processes
CHEN 117 Unit Operations of Chem. Eng.
CHEN 118 Nanotechnology
CHEN 220 Mass transfer
CHEN 230 Material & Energy Balances
CHEN 330 Chemical Thermodynamics
CHEN 341 Fluid Mechanics
CHEN 342 Heat & Mass Transfer
CHEN 343 Separation Processes
CHEN 344 Reaction Engineering
CHEN 360 Chemical Engineering
CHEN 412 Polymeric Materials
CHEN 414 App. Polymer Processing
CHEN 444 App. Chemical Kinetics
CHEN 460 Chemical Engineering II
CHEN 466 Process Dynamics & Control
CHEN 470 Colloids & Interfaces
CHEN 472 Polymer Science
CHEN 487 Chemical Process Simu.
CHEN 490 Dir. Research & Problems
CHEN 510 Math. Mtds. in Chem. Eng.
CHEN 511 Rheology of Polymeric Mat.
CHEN 512 Physical Polymers
CHEN 101 Biochemical Science
CHEN 519 Pharmaceutical Eng.
CHEN 527 Fluid Flow online fake high school diplomas
CHEN 528 Chemical Reactor Eng.
CHEN 530 Intr. to Bioinformatics
CHEN 531 Intr. to Chemoinformatics
CHEN 538 Irreversible Thermodynamics
CHEN 542 Inter. Transport Phenomena
CHEN 543 Adv. Separation Processes
CHEN 548 Electrochemical Eng.
CHEN 554 Comp. Methods in MSE & ChemE
CHEN 557 Comp. Nanoscience of Soft Matter
CHEN 580 Teaching Engineering
CHEN 584 Tissue Engineering
CHEN 596 Health Science & Eng.
CHEN 598 Chemical Engineering III
CHEN 616 Anal. of Chemical Signalling
CHEN 617 Adv. Biochemical Technology
CHEN 628 Industrial Catalysis
CHEN 695 Research Problems in Chem. Eng.
CHEN 697 Prob. in Chemical Eng.


CHEM 101 Principles of Chemistry
CHEM 102 Lab. in Prin. of Chemistry
CHEM 103 Basic Prin. of Molecular Symmetry
CHEM 104 Chemistry of Trans. Metals
CHEM 105 Analytical chemistry I
CHEM 106 Analytical Chemistry II
CHEM 108 Quantum Chemistry I
CHEM 109 Intro. to Quantum Chem. and Apps.
CHEM 110 Electromagnetism & Spectroscopy
CHEM 115 Statistical Thermodynamics
CHEM 120 Chemical online associate fake degrees
CHEM 130 Chemical Thermodynamics
CHEM 135 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 201 Molecular Spectroscopy
CHEM 202 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 203 Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 204 Physical Chemistry III
CHEM 205 Physical Chemistry IV
CHEM 206 Structure & Activity in Org. Chem.
CHEM 207 Chem. of the Non-metal Elements
CHEM 208 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 209 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 301 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 302 Organic Chemistry IV
CHEM 303 Organic Chemistry V
CHEM 304 Org. Chem. for Molecular Biochem.
CHEM 405 General Chemistry I
CHEM 406 General Chemistry II
CHEM 407 Anal. Chem. I for Engineers
CHEM 408 Anal. Chem. II for Engineers
CHEM 409 Anal. Chem. for Biochem. Eng.

Child Development

CHDE 101 Danish Theory
CHDE 102 Chil. Mcult. Context Context
CHDE 103 Chil. Special Needs: Danish Theory
CHDE 205 Chil. Special Needs
CHDE 206 Developmental Disorders
CHDE 207 Psychology & Child Dev.
CHDE 208 Child Health & Safety
CHDE 209 Early Childhood Curr.
CHDE 301 Infancy thro. Middle Childhood
CHDE 302 Families, Schools, & Community
CHDE 303 Observation & Assessment
CHDE 304 Early Childhood Education
CHDE 305 Child Guidance Theory

Civil Engineering

CIEN 201 Mechanics of Materials I
CIEN 202 Fluid Mechanics I
CIEN 203 Surveying fake degree transcripts
CIEN 204 Geomechanics
CIEN 205 Engineering Hydrology
CIEN 206 Civil Engineering Fieldwork
CIEN 207 Materials Science I
CIEN 208 Structural Analysis
CIEN 209 Building Construction
CIEN 301 Mechanics of Materials II
CIEN 302 Environmental Engineering
CIEN 303 Transportation Engineering
CIEN 304 Fluid Mechanics II
CIEN 305 Hydraulics
CIEN 306 Design of Structures I
CIEN 307 Finite Ele. Mtd. in Solid Mech.
CIEN 309 Materials Science II
CIEN 310 Geotechnical Engineering
CIEN 311 Hydraulic Engineering & Design
CIEN 312 Design of Structures II
CIEN 313 Marketing & Finance
CIEN 401 Mechanics of Materials III
CIEN 402 Multi-Disciplinary Design
CIEN 403 Construction Mgmt.
CIEN 405 Civil Eng. Project Mgmt I
CIEN 406 Civil Eng. Project Mgmt II
CIEN 511 AdvanCIEN d Geomechanics
CIEN 512 Foundation Engineering
CIEN 513 Geotechnics Design & Construction
CIEN 514 Rock Mech. & Eng. Geology
CIEN 515 Geotechnical Engineering
CIEN 516 Site Investigation, Testing & Instrumentation
CIEN 521 Advanced Surveying Techniques
CIEN 530 Trport. Planning & Traffic Eng.
CIEN 531 Highway Engineering
CIEN 541 Hydraulic Structures
CIEN 543 Advanced Hydraulics
CIEN 544 Coastal Eng. & Coastal Zone Mgmt.
CIEN 545 River Hydraulics
CIEN 551 Soil and Water Engineering
CIEN 552 Irrigation & Drainage Engineering
CIEN 553 Hydrologic Modelling
CIEN 555 Water Rsrc. Systems Analysis
CIEN 556 Water Rsrc. Project Economics
CIEN 557 Hydropower Development
CIEN 558 Groundwater Rsrc. Development
CIEN 559 GIS in Water Rscr Eng.
CIEN 560 Integrated River Basin Mgmt.
CIEN 561 Water Supply Engineering
CIEN 562 Environmental Health & Sanitation
CIEN 563 Air Pollution authorized fake college diploma
CIEN 564 Waste Water Engineering
CIEN 565 Solid & Hazardous Waste Mgmt.
CIEN 566 Environmental Tech. Mgmt.
CIEN 567 Industrial Pollution Control
CIEN 568 Modelling in Environmental Eng.
CIEN 569 Water Supply & Wastewater Eng.
CIEN 570 Environmental Health & Sanitation
CIEN 581 Adv. Mechanics of Materials
CIEN 582 Concrete Technology
CIEN 583 Construction Planning
CIEN 584 Computer Aided Structural Design
CIEN 585 Adv. Structural Design

Clinical Psychology

CPSY 101 Introduction to ABA
CPSY 102 Analysis and Treatment of Devlop. Disabilities
CPSY 103 Observation & Measurement
CPSY 104 Psychopathology
CPSY 105 Clinical & Diagnostic Skills I
CPSY 115 Clinical & Diagnostic Skills II
CPSY 116 Diversity in Clinical Psychology
CPSY 201 Professional Ethics and Issues
CPSY 202 Psychopharmacology
CPSY 203 Advanced Intervention: Behavioral
CPSY 204 Advanced Research Project II
CPSY 205 Psychology of the Lifespan
CPSY 212 Behavioral Consulting in Organizations
CPSY 215 Intellectual Assessment
CPSY 216 Radical Behaviorism
CPSY 235 Performance Management in Human Services
CPSY 301 Translational Research in ABA
CPSY 302 Seminar Writings in Behavior Analysis
CPSY 303 Analysis & Arrangement of Instructional Content
CPSY 304 Seminal Writings in Behavior Analysis
CPSY 305 Verbal Behavior
CPSY 306 Behavior Analysis of Instruction
CPSY 307 Canonical Writings of B.F. Skinner
CPSY 308 Career & Development Counseling
CPSY 309 Theories of Counseling & Psychotherapy
CPSY 321 Psychopathology
CPSY 322 Clinical & Diagnostic Interviewing
CPSY 323 Diversity in Clinical Psychology
CPSY 401 Professional Ethics and Issues
CPSY 402 Introduction to Clinical Assessment
CPSY 403 Research Methods phony diplomas
CPSY 404 Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy
CPSY 405 Humanistic-Existential Psychotherapy
CPSY 406 Family Systems & Family Therapy
CPSY 407 Psychology Lifespan
CPSY 408 Substance Abuse Treatment
CPSY 409 Trauma & Crisis Intervention
CPSY 410 Advanced Family & Couples
CPSY 415 Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy


COMM 100 Communication Principles
COMM 101 Public Presentations
COMM 110 Principles of Advertising
COMM 155 Media Literacy
COMM 200 Comm. Rscr.: Strategies & Methods
COMM 201 Communication in Society
COMM 202 Communication Ethics
COMM 203 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 204 Argumentation and Debate
COMM 205 Introduction to Linguistics
COMM 210 Writing for Advertising
COMM 241 Journalism I
COMM 250 The History of the Modern Theatre
COMM 255 Communicating on the Internet
COMM 260 Sport, Culture, & Communication
COMM 270 Organizational Communication
COMM 285 Broadcasting
COMM 286 The Art of the Film
COMM 287 Television Production
COMM 289 Writing for the Media
COMM 300 Mass Communication Law
COMM 301 Small Group Communication
COMM 302 Persuasion
COMM 305 Independent Rsch. in Communication
COMM 306 Internship in Communication
COMM 310 The Broadcast Commercial
COMM 311 Retail Advertising & Promotion
COMM 312 Direct-Response Advertising
COMM 313 Media Planning
COMM 321 Screenwriting
COMM 325 Intercultural Communication
COMM 326 Public Discourse II
COMM 334 Play Directing
COMM 335 American Drama I
COMM 336 American Drama II
COMM 337 Modern Drama
COMM 340 Journalism II
COMM 341 The Press in America
COMM 342 Readings in Journalism
COMM 344 Feature Writing
COMM 345 Photojournalism
COMM 346 Radio News I
COMM 355 Interactive Media I
COMM 356 Interactive Media II
COMM 361 Issues in Sports Media
COMM 370 Public Relations
COMM 375 Public Opinion fake university degree
COMM 385 Women and Film
COMM 386 America & the Movies
COMM 387 Audio for the Media
COMM 389 Communication Revolution
COMM 390 Film and Literature
COMM 391 Documentary Film
COMM 392 Television News I
COMM 393 Advanced Television Production
COMM 394 Corporate Video
COMM 395 Experimental Film and Video
COMM 396 Media Performance Techniques
COMM 397 Advanced Lighting Techniques
COMM 398 Advanced Editing Techniques
COMM 399 Technology of Elec. Comm.
COMM 400 Gender, Culture & Communication
COMM 401 Communication Capping
COMM 410 Advanced Copywriting
COMM 411 Business-to-Business Advertising
COMM 412 Advertising Research
COMM 420 Advanced Screenwriting
COMM 425 Comparative Communication Theory
COMM 438 Shakespeare
COMM 439 Theatre Workshop
COMM 440 Advocacy Journalism On-line
COMM 441 Newspaper Editing
COMM 442 Multimedia Reporting
COMM 443 Narrative Journalism
COMM 444 Specialized Journalism
COMM 445 Sports Reporting
COMM 446 Radio News II
COMM 448 Sports Broadcasting
COMM 460 Sports Public Relations
COMM 470 Organizational Writing
COMM 471 Public Relations Case Studies
COMM 485 Electronic Moviemaking
COMM 486 Film Theory & Criticism
COMM 487 Television Theory & Criticism
COMM 488 Comparative Comm. Sys.
COMM 489 Masters of Film
COMM 492 Television News IIM

Computer Engineering

COEN 100 Critical Thinking in the DIA
COEN 110 Web Design I
COEN 126 Intro. to the UNIX OS
COEN 174 Programming and Problem Solving
COEN 200 Web Design II
COEN 201 Computer Logic Design I
COEN 202 The Digital Information Age
COEN 228 Discrete Structures with CSA I
COEN 261 Computing with Java
COEN 271 Intro. to Numerical Methods
COEN 274 Programming and Problem Solving II
COEN 277 Programming and Problem Solving III
COEN 300 Web Design III
COEN 301 Computer Logic Design II
COEN 310 Computer-Based Learning Rscr.
COEN 311 Data Acquisition, Proc., & Display
COEN 323 Database Fundamentals
COEN 325 Computer Organization & Assembly Prog.
COEN 326 Operating Systems
COEN 327 Net-centric Computing
COEN 328 Discrete Structures with CSA II
COEN 340 Discrete Evt. Sys. Modeling & Simulation
COEN 346 Microprocessors and Controllers I
COEN 347 Microprocessors and Controllers II
COEN 360 Integrated Circuit Design Software
COEN 381 GUI Programming
COEN 400 Engineering for Teachers
COEN 401 Programming Robots
COEN 410 Computers and Networks
COEN 419 Theory of Computation
COEN 423 Database fake college degree pages
COEN 424 Organization of Programming Languages
COEN 426 Topics in Operating Systems
COEN 521 Database Architecture
COEN 524 Adv. Topics in Programming Languages
COEN 526 Adv. Operating Systems
COEN 528 Adv. Analysis of Algorithms
COEN 530 Adv. Computer Architecture I
COEN 531 Adv. Computer Architecture II
COEN 543 Adv. Software Engineering
COEN 544 Software Testing and Verification
COEN 545 Software Architecture
COEN 546 Fault Tolerant Computing Systems
COEN 549 Adv. Computer Graphics
COEN 550 Pattern Recognition Using AI
COEN 551 Adv. Artificial Intelligence
COEN 552 Computer Simulation and Modeling
COEN 553 Machine Vision
COEN 570 Concurrent Parallel Programming
COEN 572 Adv. Computer Networking
COEN 575 Object–Oriented Analysis and Design
COEN 590 Special Topics in Computer Science

Computer Science

COSC 101 Introduction to Prog. in C
COSC 102 Introduction to Prog. in Java
COSC 103 Introduction to the Internet
COSC 104 Intro to OO Development I
COSC 105 Intro to OO Development II
COSC 106: Unix
COSC 107 Media Computation
COSC 108 Intro to Computer Organization
COSC 109 DS & OO Development I
COSC 110 DS & OO Development II
COSC 111 Operating Systems
COSC 112 Comparative Languages
COSC 121 Numerical Methods
COSC 122 Professionalism in Computing
COSC 123 Inter. Software Design and Eng
COSC 124 Intro. to HCI
COSC 125 Data and Algorithm Analysis
COSC 126 Formal Languages
COSC 127 Theory of Computation
COSC 128 Computer Graphics
COSC 129 Simulation and Modeling
COSC 130 Parallel Computation
COSC 132 Internet Programming
COSC 201 Network Arch. & Programming
COSC 202 Compiler Design
COSC 203 Issues in Scientific Computing
COSC 204 Intro. to DB Mgmt. Systems
COSC 205 MM, Hypertext and Info. Access
COSC 206 Design of Information
COSC 207 Software Engineering
COSC 210 Introduction to AI
COSC 301 Intro. to Computational Biology
COSC 302 Designing DCA
COSC 303 Algorithms in the Real World
COSC 305 Computation for the Life Sciences
COSC 306 Computability and Formal Languages
COSC 307 Theory of Algorithms
COSC 308 Algorithms in Bioinformatics
COSC 309 Operating Systems
COSC 310 Systems Simulation
COSC 311 Concepts of Prog. Langs.
COSC 312 Numerical Analysis and Software I
COSC 314 Numerical Analysis and Software II
COSC 315 Information Storage and Retrieval
COSC 316 Database Management Systems
COSC 317 Software Engineering
COSC 318 Usability Engineering ideas for fake college diploma
COSC 401 Models and Theories of HCI
COSC 402 Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
COSC 403 Software Design and Quality
COSC 404 Virtual Environments
COSC 405 Information Visualization
COSC 406 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence II
COSC 407 Digital Picture Processing
COSC 408 Design of Interactive systems
COSC 409 Algo. in Structural Bioinformatics
COSC 410 Systems Biology and Drug Discovery
COSC 411 Verification, Validation, and Testing
COSC 412 Grid Computing
COSC 413 Tools for On-line Education
COSC 414 Data Compression
COSC 415 Digital Libraries
COSC 416 Data Mining
COSC 417 3D Interaction

Construction Management

COMG 101 Estimating and Bidding
COMG 102 Managing Public Works Projects
COMG 103 Construction Acct. & Contract Mgmt
COMG 104 LEED Building Certification
COMG 105 Effective Negotiation Strategies
COMG 106 Con. Mgmt. Information Session
COMG 107 Green Building & Sustainable Design
COMG 108 Airports & Land Use
COMG 109 Building Commissioning
COMG 110 California Building Codes
COMG 111 Construction Blueprint & Plan Reading
COMG 112 Construction Field Supervision
COMG 201 Construction Law & Contracts
COMG 202 Construction Safety
COMG 202 Dynamics for Structural Eng.
COMG 203 Energy Sources, End Uses and Impacts
COMG 204 Excavation Safety
COMG 205 Excavation, Trenching & Soil Mech.
COMG 301 Fall Protection for the Con. Ind.
COMG 302 Green Architecture
COMG 304 HVAC Direct Digital Controls
COMG 305 HVAC-R Systems Design I
COMG 306 HVACR Systems Design II
COMG 307 Integrating Construction Mgmt.
COMG 308 Intro to Comm. Real Estate
COMG 309 Marketing Principles for Con. Pros.
COMG 401 Project Sched. and Mgmt.
COMG 402 Real Estate Principles
COMG 403 Scaffold Safety
COMG 404 Solar Energy Systems
COMG 405 Structural Steel Design
COMG 406 Sustainability & the Built Env.
COMG 407 Sustainable Planning
COMG 408 Sustainable Water Resources Mgmt.


COUN 101 Intro. to Community Counseling
COUN 102 Intro. to Rehabilitation Counseling
COUN 103 Intro. to School Counseling
COUN 104 Fieldwork in Rehabilitation Coun.
COUN 105 Psychosocial Aspects of Dis. in Rehab. Coun.
COUN 106 Medical Aspects of Dis. in Rehab. Coun.
COUN 107 Vocational Aspects in Rehab.
COUN 108 Counseling: Theory and Issues
COUN 109 Foundations in Career Development
COUN 110 Essentials of Counseling Practice
COUN 111 Multicultural Counseling
COUN 112 Rehabilitation Research
COUN 201 School Counseling
COUN 202 Community Counseling
COUN 203 Rehabilitation Counseling
COUN 204 Current Topics in Rehab. Counseling
COUN 205 Current Topics in Counseling
COUN 208 Group Counseling Theory
COUN 209 Advanced Group Counseling
COUN 210 Vocational Psychology
COUN 211 Con. Strat. for Counselors & School Psyc.
COUN 212 Advanced Counseling Strategies
COUN 301 Counseling in the Schools
COUN 302 Clinical Studies in Counseling
COUN 303 Professional, Ethical & Legal Issues
COUN 304 Adv. Multicultural Counseling
COUN 305 Counseling Children and Adolescents
COUN 306 Group Assessment for Adults
COUN 307 Coun. App. & Clinical Decision-Making
COUN 308 Intro. Counseling Psychology; Multiculturalism
COUN 309 Psychotherapy Interventions
COUN 310 Psychological Assessment
COUN 311 Vocational Psychology; Social Justice
COUN 312 Supervision and Counsultation
COUN 314 Capstone-Research in Couns Psych
COUN 315 Fieldwork in Student Personnel Services
COUN 401 Candidate for Degree
COUN 402 Family Systems Theory, Research, and Practice
COUN 403 Supervision of Counseling

Criminal Justice

CRJU 101 Comm. & IT I
CRJU 102 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU 103 American Legal System
CRJU 104 Corrections & Rehabilitation
CRJU 105 Policing in America
CRJU 106 Theories of Crime & Delin.
CRJU 107 Stat. Analysis for Social Sci.
CRJU 201 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 202 Criminal Justice Rsch. Methods
CRJU 203 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJU 204 Juvenile Law and Justice
CRJU 205 Victimology details for fake college diploma
CRJU 206 Alternatives to Incarceration
CRJU 207 Intro to American National Gov.
CRJU 208 Policy Making and Evaluation

Criminal Law

CRLA 115 Criminal Law
CRLA 320 Comparative Criminal Pro.
CRLA 382 International Criminal Law
CRLA 377 Juvenile Law
CRLA 459 White Collar Crime
CRLA 308 Advanced Trial Practice
CRLA 345 Defense of Criminal Cases
CRLA 420 Post-Conviction Relief
CRLA 418 Prosecution of Criminal Cases
CRLA 431 Scientific Evidence
CRLA 485 Selected Moot Court Comp.
CRLA 446 Trial Team
CRLA 455 Trial Practice
CRLA 441 Witness Examination Skills


CRIM 101 Intro. Topics in ALS
CRIM 102 Chemistry & Society
CRIM 103 Biology in Modern World I
CRIM 104 Chemistry - A Molecular Sci.
CRIM 105 Biology in Modern World II
CRIM 106 General Chemistry I
CRIM 107 Academic Writing & Research
CRIM 108 Soc of Agri & Rural Society
CRIM 109 Pre-Calculus I
CRIM 110 Elements of Calculus
CRIM 111 Prin of Sociology
CRIM 112 Analytic Geom. & Calculus A
CRIM 113 Intro. to American Govt
CRIM 114 Intro. to Computers
CRIM 201 Cultural Anthropology II
CRIM 202 Computer Science Elective
CRIM 203 Intro. Agric. & Res Economics
CRIM 204 Criminology
CRIM 205 Intro. to Economics I
CRIM 206 Intro. to Statics
CRIM 207 Just. Sys in Am. Pol Process
CRIM 208 English, Comm. or Foreign Lang.
CRIM 209 Social Research Methods
CRIM 210 Physical Anthropology
CRIM 301 Theories of Social Structure
CRIM 302 Concepts Physics
CRIM 303 Theories of Social Interaction
CRIM 305 Criminology Fieldwork
CRIM 308 Humanities/Soc Sci I
CRIM 309 Humanities/Soc Sci II
CRIM 310 Sci, Technology & Soc.

Culinary Arts

CULN 101 Hosp. Controls
CULN 102 Hosp. Supervision
CULN 103 Hosp. Sanitation & Safety
CULN 104 Catering
CULN 105 Intro. Food Service Profession
CULN 106 Culinary Fundamentals I
CULN 107 Modern professional kitchen.
CULN 108 Culinary Fundamentals II
CULN 109 Safety Equipment
CULN 110 Principles of Pantry
CULN 111 Principals of Baking
CULN 112 Purchasing & Receiving
CULN 113 Tourism & Hosp. Ind.
CULN 114 Housekeeping Management
CULN 115 Hotel / Motel Security Mgmt.
CULN 201 HI Computer Systems
CULN 202 Hospitality Supervision for Hotels
CULN 203 Mrkt. of Hospitality Services
CULN 204 Convention Mgmt& Services
CULN 205 Hospitality Law
CULN 206 Managing for Quality
CULN 207 Hospitality Industry Training
CULN 208 Human Resources Management
CULN 209 Facilities Management
CULN 210 Record Keeping
CULN 211 Managerial Accounting
CULN 212 F&B Management
CULN 213 F&B Controls
CULN 214 F&B Service fake diploma new sites
CULN 215 Hospitality Purchasing Mgmt.
CULN 301 Hospitality Law
CULN 302 Front Office Operations
CULN 303 Housekeeping Operations
CULN 304 F&B Operations
CULN 305 Wines
CULN 306 Restaurant Service & Production
CULN 307 Adv. Restaurant & Culinary
CULN 308 Culinary/Restaurant Management
CULN 309 Intro. Food Theory & Table Service
CULN 310 Garde Manger
CULN 311 Modern Food Service Practices
CULN 312 Adv. Artisan Bread Baking
CULN 313 Modern Food
CULN 314 Culinary Restaurant Mgmt. Theory
CULN 315 Culinary Fundamentals III
CULN 401 Hotel Front Office
CULN 402 Hotel Sales & Promotion
CULN 403 Pastry Practicum
CULN 404 Food Service Practicum
CULN 405 Food Service/Nutrition
CULN 406 Advanced Culinary
CULN 407 Meat Analysis
CULN 408 Supervision in HI
CULN 409 Hospitality Sales & Customer Service
CULN 410 Security & Loss Management
CULN 411 Training & Development Skills
CULN 412 Restaurant Ownership
CULN 413 Bar Management
CULN 414 Advanced Pastry Arts
CULN 415 Basic Stock, Sauce & Soup Prep.

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