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The course lists for the following subjects are listed in this page, Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace Engineering, Architecture, Asian Studies and more. So in order to create authentic looking fake diplomas only use these course lists as a guide or alternatively you may also provide your own course list in order to guarantee authenticity.Order Diploma Package Online.


ACCN 101 Accounting Introduction I
ACCN 102 Basic Mathematics I
ACCN 103 Principles of Accounting I
ACCN 104 Organizational Behavior
ACCN 121 Principles of Accounting II
ACCN 122 Economics I (Micro)
ACCN 123 Computer Fundamentals
ACCN 231 Principles of Accounting III
ACCN 232 Principles of Management I
ACCN 233 Statistics framing bogus degree I
ACCN 234 App. Mathematics in Mgmt.
ACCN 241 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCN 242 Accounting in English I
ACCN 243 principles of Law
ACCN 244 Statistics II
ACCN 245 Commercial & Banking Math
ACCN 246 General Finance
ACCN 351 Intermediate Accounting II
ACCN 352 Commercial Law
ACCN 353 Accounting in English II
ACCN 354 Op. Research in Mgmt. I
ACCN 355 Prep. & Ctrl. Govt. Budget
ACCN 361 Advanced Accounting I
ACCN 362 Auditing I
ACCN 363 Labor Law
ACCN 364 Analysis of Administration
ACCN 365 Op. Research in Mgmt. I
ACCN 366 Cost Accounting I
ACCN 471 Advanced Accounting I
ACCN 472 Auditing II
ACCN 473 Cost Accounting II
ACCN 474 Production Management
ACCN 475 Govt. Accounting & Auditing
ACCN 481 Cost Accounting III
ACCN 482 Economics of Development
ACCN 483 Financial Management
ACCN 484 Money & Banking
ACCN 591 Tax Accounting
ACCN 592 Insurance getting printable fake diploma
ACCN 593 Theory of Int. Econ.
ACCN 594 Basis of Politics
ACCN 595 Computer Training in Acct.
ACCN 596 Organization Behavior
ACCN 597 Marketing I
ACCN 598Measurment & Evaluation


ADVT 101 Intro. to Sales
ADVT 102 Consumer Behavior
ADVT 103 Writing Advertising Copy
ADVT 104 Fundamentals of Business
ADVT 105 Persuasive Techniques
ADVT 106 Brand Marketing
ADVT 107 Principles of Mkt. Research
ADVT 121 Online Mkt. Research
ADVT 122 Business Communications I
ADVT 123 Prod. Planning for E. Media
ADVT 124 Media Planning & Buying
ADVT 125 Web Marketing lost college diploma
ADVT 126 Writing for the Sp. Word
ADVT 127 Online Communication
ADVT 231 Financial Management
ADVT 232 Organizational Behavior
ADVT 233 Account Planning
ADVT 234 Strategic Management
ADVT 235 Advertising Case Stu.
ADVT 236 PR & Promotion
ADVT 237 Brand Strategy
ADVT 241 Senior Project
ADVT 242 Global Bus. Perspectives
ADVT 243 Advertising/Marketing
ADVT 244 Professional Development
ADVT 245 Fundamentals of Design
ADVT 246 Fund. of Media Comm.
ADVT 247 Digital Imaging for MM & Web
ADVT 351 Copyright Law
ADVT 352 E-Commerce
ADVT 353 Concept Development
ADVT 354 Typography buying degree possible
ADVT 355 Art Direction
ADVT 356 Drawing & Perspective
ADVT 357 Storyboarding
ADVT 361 Fund. of the World Wide Web
ADVT 362 Color Theory
ADVT 363 Visual Indication
ADVT 364 History & Analysis of Design
ADVT 365 Illustration for MM & Web I
ADVT 366 Illustration for MM & Web II

Aeronautical Engineering

AREN 101 Chemistry I
AREN 102Mathematics I
AREN 103 Engineering Skills
AREN 104 Adv. Engineering Graphics
AREN 105 Intro Mechanical Eng. & Design
AREN 106 Physics I
AREN 107 Mechanics
AREN 201 Electrical Engineering
AREN 202 Computing & Software Dev.
AREN 203 Mathematics II
AREN 204 Fluid Mechanics I
AREN 205 Mech. Eng. Design and Mat.
AREN 206 Applied Mechanics A
AREN 207 Society & the Engineer
AREN 208 Thermodynamics I
AREN 209 Applied Mechanics
AREN 301 Mathematical Methods
AREN 302 Aircraft Structures I
AREN 303 Aircraft Design
AREN 304 Intro. to Aeronautics
AREN 305 Properties of Materials
AREN 306 Mechanics of Solids
AREN 307 Mechanical Vibrations
AREN 308 Mechatronics I
AREN 309 Business Management
AREN 310 Num. Methods & Statistics
AREN 311 Fluid & Thermodynamics
AREN 401 Aerodynamics & Flight Dyn.
AREN 402 Aircraft Structures II
AREN 403 Gas Dynamics & Propulsion
AREN 404 Principles of Air Transport and Mgmt
AREN 405 Mechatronics II

Aerospace Engineering

AEEN 412 Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer
AEEN 413 Ideal Aerodynamics
AEEN 416 Applied Aerodynamics
AEEN 410 Compu. Aerodynamics
AEEN 416 Applied Aerodynamics
AEEN 419 Aircraft Flight Mech.
AEEN 435 Electric Propulsion
AEEN 434 Rocket Propulsion
AEEN 481 Wind Power Technology
AEEN 498 Design of Aerospace Sys.
AEEN 514 Boundary Layer Theory
AEEN 538 Combustion Fundamentals
AEEN 510 Advanced Gas Dynamics
AEEN 511 Transonic Aerodynamics
AEEN 515 Wing Theory
AEEN 517 Fund. of Gas Kinetics
AEEN 518 Theory of Rarefied Gas Flow
AEEN 598 Finite Ele. for Fluids
AEEN 598 Non-Equilibrium Gas Dyn.
AEEN 598 Gas Turbine Engines
AEEN 598 Hypersonic Viscous Flows
AEEN 598 Adv. Compu. Aerodynamics
AEEN 598 Unsteady Aerodynamics
AEEN 410 Inter. Gas Dynamics
AEEN 435 Inter. Fluid Mechanics
AEEN 502 Numerical Fluid Dynamics
AEEN 521 Thermal Radiation
AEEN 520 Heat Conduction
AEEN 531 Inviscid Flow
AEEN 532 Viscous Flow
AEEN 536 Instability & Transition
AEEN 537 Experimental Fluid Mechanics
AEEN 538 Turbulence
AEEN 446 App. Complex Variables
AEEN 489 Differential Equations, II
AEEN 488 Mathematical Methods in Eng.
AEEN 553 Partial Diff. Equations
AEEN 556 Meth. of Math. Physics, I
AEEN 557 Meth. of Math. Physics, II
AEEN 549 Asymptotic Methods
AEEN 506 Math. Physics I
AEEN 507 Math. Physics II
AEEN 502 Com. Var. in Physics
AEEN 541 Math. Methods I
AEEN 542 Math. Methods II

Aeronautical Management

AEMG 101 Project Management
AEMG 102 Econ. Ana. for Aero Projects
AEMG 103 Proc. in Flight Mgmt.
AEMG 104 Policy & Laws in Aviation
AEMG 105 Pol. Desc. in Domestic Aviation
AEMG 201 Pol. & Laws Satellite Tech.
AEMG 202 Safety in Op. & Services
AEMG 203 Int. Laws in Aircraft Design
AEMG 204 Op. & Maint. acrd. to Law
AEMG 205 Int. Telecom. Org. & Laws
AEMG 301 Intro. to Aerospace Ag.
AEMG 302 Int. Laws in Sat. Design
AEMG 303 Aerospace Project Mgmt.
AEMG 304 Aerospace Economics
AEMG 305 Aerospace Mgmt. Techniques
AEMG 401 Aerospace Leadership
AEMG 402 Aerospace Mgmt. Planning
AEMG 403 Strat. Aerospace Mgmt.
AEMG 404 Airline Management

American Studies

AMST 101 Intro. to American Studies
AMST 102 American Regionalism
AMST 103 America in the Arts
AMST 104 The Contemporary American
AMST 105 Latino/Latina Am. Cultures
AMST 106 Popular Culture
AMST 107 The American Best Seller
AMST 108 American Film and Myths
AMST 109 American Folklife
AMST 110 American Folklore
AMST 111 Jerseyana
AMST 112 A Dec. in American Culture
AMST 113 The American City
AMST 201 Images of Vietnam
AMST 202 Am. Detective Fic. & Film
AMST 203 The Cul. of the 1960s
AMST 204 The Cul. of Metropolis
AMST 205 19th Century Architecture
AMST 206 Sports in Am. Culture
AMST 207 Technology & Culture in Am.
AMST 208 Documentary Expression in Am.
AMST 209 Wayward Americans
AMST 210 Women on the Fringe
AMST 211 Deviants in Am. Civ.
AMST 212 The Cul. of Am. Women
AMST 301 The US as Seen from Abroad
AMST 302 Am. Cults & Communes
AMST 303 Ethnic America
AMST 304 Am. Jewish Experience in Lit.
AMST 305 Cultures of Consumption
AMST 306 Jewish-American Women
AMST 307 The Child in America
AMST 308 American Sexuality
AMST 309 American Folk Song & Ballad
AMST 310 Am. Occupational Groups
AMST 311 Special Problems in Culture
AMST 312 Advanced Problems in Culture


ANTH 101 Culture, Memory & History
ANTH 102 Prehistoric Archaeology
ANTH 103 Cultures of Colonialism
ANTH 201 Non-Western Law
ANTH 202 Cult. Politics of Colonialism
ANTH 203 Peoples & Cultures of SEA
ANTH 204 Cultural Adaptation
ANTH 301 Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 302 The Colonial Order of Things
ANTH 303 Culture, History, & Politicst
ANTH 304 Current Issues in Ethnology
ANTH 401 Issues in Family and Kinship
ANTH 402 Aftermath of Empire
ANTH 403 Archaeology of Empires
ANTH 404 Anth. as a History of the Present
ANTH 405 Culture & Historiography

Applied Linguistics

LING 101 Meth. of Teaching Languages
LING 102 Intro. to Linguistics
LING 103 Second & Foreign lang. Testing
LING 104 Pedagogical Grammar
LING 105 Second & Foreign lang. Compo.
LING 106 Meth. of Teaching Mod. lang.
LING 201 Tech. for Teaching Languages
LING 202 Second & Foreign Lang. Acq.
LING 203 Intro. to Linguistics all about diploma mills
LING 204 Second & Foreign Lang. Curri. Des.
LING 205 Descriptive Ling. Anal.
LING 207 Res. Meth. in App. Linguistics
LING 207 Research Management
LING 301 Applied Linguistics
LING 302 Text Analysis
LING 303 Language, Culture & Society
LING 304 E-linguistics & Lang. Teaching
LING 305 English Vocabulary
LING 306 Language & Gender
LING 307 Psych. Proc. in the Lang. Class.
LING 308 World English


ARBC 101 Elementary Arabic
ARBC 102 Elementary Arabic II
ARBC 201 Intermediate Arabic
ARBC 202 Intermediate Arabic II
ARBC 301 Directed Study
ARBC 302 Medieval Arabic Texts
ARBC 514 Readings in Modern Arabic Lit.
ARBC 521 Arabic Sociolinguistics
ARBC 523 Structure of Arabic
ARBC 524 Directed Study


ACHT 101 Mathematics for Engineers
ACHT 102 Modern Architecture
ACHT 103 World History of Architecture
ACHT 104 Arch. Engineering, and Environment
ACHT 105 AutoCAD for Architecture
ACHT 106 Basic Drawing
ACHT 201 Modeling and Visual Displays
ACHT 202 Intro. to Architecture
ACHT 203 Strength of Materials
ACHT 204 Mechanical Engineering Design
ACHT 205 Project Management
ACHT 206 Architecture Design
ACHT 207 Engineering Economic Analysis
ACHT 301 Green Buildings
ACHT 302 Building Systems
ACHT 303 Concrete Structures
ACHT 304 Stone Architecture
ACHT 305 Construction correct uses for fake diploma
ACHT 306 Introduction to Civil Engineering
ACHT 307 Interior Design Budgeting

Architectural Engineering

ACHE 101 Engineering Mathematics I
ACHE 102 Engineering Physics I
ACHE 103 Basic Architectural Design
ACHE 104 Architectural Graphics I
ACHE 105 Introduction to Computing
ACHE 106 Critical English Writing
ACHE 107 Engineering Math. II
ACHE 108 Engineering Physics II
ACHE 109 Engineering Surveying
ACHE 110 Architectural Graphics II
ACHE 121 Workshop Technology
ACHE 122 Integ. English Writing
ACHE 123 Arch. Design Studio I
ACHE 124 Arch. History & Theories I
ACHE 125 Arch. Computer Graphics I
ACHE 126 Building Construction I
ACHE 127 Arch. Graphics III
ACHE 128 Research English Writing
ACHE 129 Arch. Design Studio II
ACHE 130 Arch. History & Theories II
ACHE 231 Arch. Computer Graphics II
ACHE 232 Building Construction II
ACHE 233 Properties & Strength of Materials
ACHE 234 Structural Analysis I
ACHE 235 Arch. Design Studio III
ACHE 236 Arch. History & Theories III
ACHE 237 Arch. Computer Graphics III
ACHE 238 Working Drawings I
ACHE 239 Space Pl. & Int. Design
ACHE 240 Structural Anal. II
ACHE 351 Arch. Design Studio IV
ACHE 352 Arch. History & Theories IV
ACHE 353 Env. Control Systems
ACHE 354 Working Drawings II
ACHE 355 Urban Planning & Design
ACHE 356 R.C. Struc. & Foundations I
ACHE 357 Arch. Design Studio V
ACHE 358 Arch. History & Theories V
ACHE 360 Working Drawings III
ACHE 361 Illumination & Acoustic Sys.
ACHE 362 R.C. Struc. & Foundations II
ACHE 363 Arch. Design Studio VI
ACHE 364 Arch. Design Meth.
ACHE 366 Landscape Design
ACHE 367 Mech. Service Systems
ACHE 471 Working Drawings & Detailing
ACHE 472 Architectural Design Studio VII
ACHE 423 Construction Management
ACHE 482 Pro. Prac. & Bldg. Regulations
ACHE 483 Housing Planning & Design

Asian Languages

ASLG 111 Filipino I
ASLG 112 Filipino II
ASLG 121 Indonesian I
ASLG 122 Indonesian II
ASLG 161 Thai I
ASLG 162 Thai II
ASLG 175 Vietnamese I
ASLG 176 Vietnamese II
ASLG 211 Filipino III
ASLG 212 Filipino IV
ASLG 221 Indonesian III
ASLG 222 Indonesian IV
ASLG 261 Thai III
ASLG 262 Thai IV
ASLG 275 Vietnamese III
ASLG 276 Vietnamese IV
ASLG 311 Filipino V
ASLG 312 Filipino VI
ASLG 321 Indonesian V
ASLG 322 Indonesian VI
ASLG 361 Thai V
ASLG 362 Thai VI
ASLG 375 Vietnamese V
ASLG 376 Vietnamese VI
ASLG 421 Indonesian I
ASLG 422 Readings in Indonesian I
ASLG 499 Independent Language Study
ASLG 603 Old Javanese-KawiI
ASLG 604 Old Javenese-Kawi II

Asian Studies

ASST 112 Southeast Asian Civilization
ASST 230 Intro. to Buddhism
ASST 381 Tradition, Nationalism, Dev.
ASST 441 Asia Thro. Fiction
ASST 444 SE Asian Village
ASST 480 Theo. & Prac. of Buddhist Meditation
ASST 492 The Philippines
ASST 492 Indonesian Islam
ASST 525 Buddhism & Society in S & SEA
ASST 798 SSEA Studies

Automotive Mechanics

ATME 101 Apply safe work practices
ATME 102 Use & mtn. measuring eqp.
ATME 103 Use & mt. workplace tooling & eqp
ATME 104 Job seeking skills
ATME 105 Carry out industry research
ATME 121 Clean a vehicle
ATME 122 Rem. & rep. engine
ATME 123 D & A engine
ATME 124 Remove & rpl eng cylinder head
ATME 125 Carburettor
ATME 126 Fuel pump
ATME 127 Transmission
ATME 232 Clutch assembly
ATME 233 Suspension, front springs
ATME 234 Brake assemblies
ATME 235 Wheel and tyre assemblies
ATME 236 Radiator many paths to a fake diploma
ATME 241 Operate elec. test equ.
ATME 242 Recharge batteries
ATME 243 Cons. basic elec. circuits
ATME 244 Cons. microcomputer circuits
ATME 245 Steering assembly


AVAN 101 Flying Training 1
AVAN 102 Foundations of Aviation
AVAN 103 Aviation Safety Management
AVAN 104 Aviation & Security
AVAN 105 Airport Management 1
AVAN 121 Aviation Economics
AVAN 122 Flight Operations 2
AVAN 123 Aviation Human Factors 1
AVAN 124 Aviation Human Factors 2
AVAN 125 Aviation Regulations 1
AVAN 231 Airline Marketing
AVAN 232 Managing General Aviation
AVAN 233 Advanced Flying Training
AVAN 234 Airline Management
AVAN 235 Airline Resource Mgmt.
AVAN 241 Air Traffic Mgmt.
AVAN 242 Aviation Regulations 2
AVAN 243 Simulations Applications
AVAN 244 Aviation Research Methods
AVAN 245 Mgmt. of Regional Airlines
AVAN 246 Airport Management

Aviation Management

AVMG 101 Project Management I
AVMG 102 Airline Management
AVMG 103 Aviation Economics
AVMG 104 Aviation Management
AVMG 105 Strat. Aviation Management
AVMG 121 International Aviation
AVMG 122 Project Management II
AVMG 124 Aviation Economics
AVMG 231 Airline Management
AVMG 243 International Aviation

We have created some sample course lists in order to aide you in the creation of your fake transcripts and fake diplomas use the following course list as a guide only to create your novelty documents.

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