Can anyone contact the university and verify that my fake diploma or transcript is not real?

No. This is not possible. This would violate The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Prohibiting anyone by law from contacting the university without written and notarized permission from the learner of the university.

Verify Fake Diplomas

Do Fake Diplomas work for employment? University Degree Verification Service.


Can anyone receive a replica or novelty diploma?

Yes, Anyone! Our Diplomas are for novelty and theatrical use! Fool your friends and family. Get the self-esteem you deserve.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

We can mail any Diploma package World-Wide, P.O. Boxes are also accepted.


Once we ship your diploma, we discard all personal information.  It's no one’s business that you needed a replica replacement or novelty diploma, transcripts, etc.

Do you offer Universities out-side of the USA?

Yes, We offer almost every major University in the United States, also major universities in Canada and The UK, If you have any questions please contact us using the contact page.

How are the Diploma Packaged and Shipped?

Diploma and Transcripts are packaged in a brown protective package with *NO* mention of "Novelty" or "Diploma" anywhere., Completely Discreet.

Do the Replica Diploma comes with the real university seal?

Yes, Every diploma is complete with the embossed seal of the actual university, to provide the most authentic documents possible.

How about the lettering on the Diploma?

Thermo-graphed "Raised" Lettering, Most major universities use this same technique to provide a high quality document.

Are the words "Replica" or "Novelty" anywhere on the Diplomas?

No, Absolutely not!, We sell complete replica Diplomas for novelty use. They are intended to fool your friends and family, How could you fool your friend with the word replica on the diploma. We sell completely authentic products.

Do you provide proof of diploma or transcripts before shipping?

Yes.  Diploma and Trancripts scans are provided via e-mail attachment and .pdf file.

Diploma Proof provided via e-mail attachment .pdf file.

College Diploma scans provided before shipment.

proof of diploma creation.

university of california fake diploma

UC Berkeley Diploma Replica.

University of California Transcript Paper.


 List of Universities and Colleges that we can create perfect replicated diploma and transcripts packages

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