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Vocational and Rehab Counseling

VRCO 101 Vocational Assessment & Planning
VRCO 102 Rehabilitation Counseling
VRCO 103 Professional Roles
VRCO 104 Found. of Rehab. Counseling
VRCO 105 Med. Aspects of Disability
VRCO 106 Counseling Practicum
VRCO 201 Rehab. in Business & Industry
VRCO 202 Emp. for Per. with Disabilities
VRCO 203 Int. in Rehab. & Community Inclusion
VRCO 204 Family & Community Support
VRCO 205 Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
VRCO 206 Trends & Issues in Com. Inc.
VRCO 207 Sup. of People with Disabilities

Veterinary Medicine

VTSC 101 Veterinary Ultrasound
VTSC 102 Veterinary Ultrasound
VTSC 103 Veterinary Laser Surgery I
VTSC 104 Veterinary Laser Surgery II
VTSC 105 Parasite Diagnostics
VTSC 106 Small Animal Behavior
VTSC 201 Royal Canin/OSU Critical Care
VTSC 202 Neurosurgery
VTSC 203 Basic Small Animal Dentistry
VTSC 204 Video Otoscopy
VTSC 205 Dentistry
VTSC 206 Annual Food
VTSC 301 Equine Shipped Semen
VTSC 302 Equine Breeding Management
VTSC 303 Practical Pathology replica diplomas
VTSC 304 Endocrinology
VTSC 305 Canine Theriogenology
VTSC 401 Gastroenterology
VTSC 402 International Camelid Health
VTSC 403 Canine Reproduction and Health
VTSC 404 Anesthesia
VTSC 405 Theriogenology

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