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JURN 101 Intro. to Mass Comm.
JURN 102 Writing for Print Media
JURN 103 Newswriting & Reporting
JURN 104 Principles of Advertising
JURN 105 Intro. to Public Relations
JURN 106 Feature Writing
JURN 107 News Editing customization for fake degree
JURN 108 News Photography
JURN 109 Editorial Writing
JURN 110 Advertising Practices
JURN 201 Advertising Copywriting
JURN 202 Case Prob. in Public Rel.
JURN 203 Rsh. Mth. for Pub. Rel. & Advertising
JURN 204 Public Relations Techniques
JURN 205 Media Internship
JURN 206 Des. & Pro. in Pub. Rel. & Advertising
JURN 207 Media Management
JURN 208 Reporting Public Affairs
JURN 209 Mass Communications Law
JURN 301 History & Literature of Jou.
JURN 302 Mass Communications in Society
JURN 303 Int. Communications Systems
JURN 304 Public Communication Campaigns
JURN 305 Special Topics in Pub. Rel. & Advertising
JURN 306 Web Design for an Interactive Age
JURN 307 Sports Journalism
JURN 308 Sports Promotion Marketing, Admin.
JURN 309 Crisis Comm. & Issue Mgmt.


JUSP 401 Law & Psychology
JUSP 402 Law & Society
JUSP 403 Law & Philosophy Workshop
JUSP 404 Law & Modern Social Thought
JUSP 501 Moral Philosophy and fake diploma honor graduate medallions
JUSP 502 Adv. Topics in Jurisprudence
JUSP 503 Crime & Social Theory
JUSP 504 American Legal History

Jewish Studies

JWST 101 Intro to Rabbinic Lit
JWST 102 Rabbinic Judaism
JWST 103 Denominations in N.A. Judaism
JWST 104 Jews in North America
JWST 105 Intro to Yiddish Literature
JWST 106 Israeli Lit in Translation
JWST 107 Modern Jewish Ideologies
JWST 108 History of Zionism
JWST 109 Arab-Israel Confl,Crisis,Peace
JWST 110 Politics in Israel
JWST 201 Jewish History:400 BCE to 1000
JWST 202 Jewish Studies 2: 400 BCE-1000
JWST 203 Jewish History: 1000-2000
JWST 204 Jewish St 3: 1000 to 2000
JWST 205 Hebrew Lang & Lit
JWST 206 A Book of the Bible
JWST 207 Bible Interp fake diploma news
JWST 208 Medieval Ashkenaz Bible
JWST 209 Sefardic Trad Bible
JWST 210 Jewish Bible

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